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Both Facebook and Instagram have used React Native to build their native apps that are the most used applications of the world. We always build the applications on our development servers, and we also share the credentials with our client.

iOS and Android are definitely among the market leaders around the globe. If In order not to sit on the fence for a long time, you’d better opt for cross-platform development.

Rodeo Apps

With Adaptive Styling, apps look and feel at home on every platform. Being a pioneer in the software development field, we have got chances to serve ISVs, SMEs, digital agencies and enterprises. Our multiplatform application development services provide outstanding and personalized customer experiences across all of your channels through information based on the needs of each customer. We offer multi platform development services for portable devices equipped with sensors and smart screens. We support them with remote data monitoring, local monitoring and advanced cloud-based capabilities.

When you consider building a mobile solution, you might face the challenge of choosing the right approach to develop an app. Both native and hybrid apps have their advantages to be taken into account, depending on your project requirements and available resources. Velvetech has an extensive expertise in multi-component IoT systems development. Our engineers are skilled to build hybrid apps that simplify user experience, enable remote control of connected devices, and allow for real-time data tracking and analysis.

cross platform app development

Node.js is a V8-based cross-platform framework that transforms JavaScript from a highly specialized language into a general-purpose language. Node provides a server-side runtime that compiles and runs JavaScript at lightning speed. The V8 engine compiles JavaScript to machine code instead of interpreting it or executing it as bytecode, which makes Node.js really fast. Dart allows you to write a much more structured program code, which means you can create more complex applications and hierarchical structures. Mobile app developers can use legacy JavaScript or some other libraries like Prototype, jQuery, MooTools, Sencha Touch, and others to manage interaction. The framework allows you to use embedded payment systems in the app via Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS, etc.

#1 React Native

Software written for a particular operating system does not automatically work on all architectures that operating system supports. Currently, Java Standard Edition programs can run on Microsoft Windows, macOS, several Unix-like operating systems, and several more non-UNIX-like operating systems like embedded systems. For mobile applications, browser plugins are used for Windows and Mac based devices, and Android has built-in support for Java.

Is Warframe cross-play?

Crossplay is a feature that the Warframe developers have spoken about several times in the past. However, as of writing, the game only supports cross-platform play on two systems. The PS4 and PS5 versions of Warframe allow users on both consoles to play together.

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of cross platform mobile development and native app development, it should be easier for you to make a choice. However, there are lots of different factors that can also influence the decision. Price is by far the biggest downside of native mobile app development compared to cross-platform development, which I’ll talk about next. However, the high quality and no friction when implementing features of any complexity are the benefits of native app development. React Native is a hybrid app development platform by Facebook, that allows developers to create native mobile applications using React platform.

Flutter Vs React Native Vs Xamarin For Cross Platform Development

These are just few of benefits that this type of development offers to companies. Compared to native apps, cross-platform apps take less time to develop and deploy since there’s only a single codebase for multiple platforms that developers need to write cross platform app development and maintain. Xamarin is a tool used for developing cross-platform yet native applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. Xamarin uses .NET and C# and it shares 90% of the code on other platforms for crafting intuitive and engaging mobile apps.

Both of these wrappers support a variety of plugins that extend the capabilities of the browser and can access most platform-specific features. Moreover, you can make your hybrid app available via the App Store and Google Play Market. As V8 engine compiles JavaScript to machine code instead of executing it as byte code, the speed of Nod.JS becomes fast. The framework has a rich library of different JavaScript modules and can handle many concurrent connections together. The mobile apps built through this cross-platform app framework are highly responsive. With Ionic framework, the developers can not only add user-centric features but also build creative user interfaces. The user interfaces are so pleasing to the eye that users remain immersed in the app for longer durations.

#4 Flutter

Moreover, as mobile apps have become a vital cog that defines business success, choosing the app development mode wisely is essential. Here, cross-platform app development comes as the rescuer for the businesses as well as the app development companies. From a project perspective, I get the appeal of cross-platform, but it still remains a bit of an ideal on many projects. I too want to have a single code base instead of multiple to maintain.

When updates are made to the code, they are synced over multiple platforms and devices instantly, saving time and effort. Xamarin backs up Android and iOS apps with the help of C# bindings to native Android and iOS APIs that results in native user interface, notifications, graphics, animation, and other device features. PhoneGap is best-suitable if you’re looking for a simple mobile application with a native look while saving a few bucks in development. They have built the backend to our software company and developed the code for our application. Yuri is an honest guy that will work collaboratively to fix problems and ensure overall satisfaction. Velvetech has considerable experience in designing and developing cross-platform apps.

You will save your money as you need only one codebase to run your app on multiple OSs. By using cross-platform development, you have a lucrative opportunity to create an app that will be appealing to Android, iOS, and other OS users without spending a lot of money. It’s amongst the rare cross-platform app development frameworks that enable the developers to code and maintain large business applications quite effectively. Although released in 2018, this SDK stands tall amongst the best cross-platform app development frameworks for mobile app development. Weather applications, currency exchange rate apps, habit tracking apps, and similar products are based on one simple core feature.


The average cost of Web developers ranges from $30 to $80+ per hour. Apache Cordova is the open source fork of the PhoneGap project which was acquired by Adobe in 2011. Ionic is backed by a vibrant community of developers and sufficient documentation. The average cost of Web or AngularJS developers ranges from $25 to $150+ per hour. Hot Reload feature enables developers to see changes made in code within seconds.

is the development of apps that have a codebase that is created to run on a specific operating system — iOS or Android . For instance, Instagram, despite looking quite similar on both OSs, is represented by two native apps with separate codebases. The applications were written separately to target the users of both operating systems. To help mobile app developers with the technical difficulty and huge expenses associated with mobile app development. An open-source cross-platform mobile app development platform, Xamarin was launched to resolve the problems associated with native technology stacks. Since mobile app developers need to develop just a single source code, maintaining, passing update packages, and making changes is relatively easy. Leverage a cross-platform app development framework to create hybrid apps compatible with not one but all the major OS’ used by your customers.

Faster Time

With cross-platform development, you will have limited opportunity to a phone’s feature set as all devices have different functionality. As a result, you might deal with some issues regarding user experience, because all devices have their own functionality and platforms. Thus it makes a cross-platform mobile app less software development service competitive compared to native apps. is another type of app development that allows your product to run on multiple mobile operating systems and is written in a single programming language. When the code for an app is ready, it goes through a middleware that translates it into the native APIs of iOS or Android.

Cross-platform app frameworks render solutions to developers, enabling them to make the code changes quickly. For example, with the help of a tool named Appcelerator, the developers can quickly write the codes in HTML5. These codes can be easily converted to various platforms and are used as per requirement. Unlike cross platform app development native mobile apps, cross-platform apps are designed to work on any device. As Bruce Lee once said, ‘Be water, my friend,’ you can utilize cross-platform apps in any of your projects, irrespective of the mobile OS. Cross-platform app development helps businesses with better ROI and much wider targeted users.

Coronaadvertises that you can start the coding process of your new app in less than five minutes with their software development kit. The testing features are specifically meant for apps built using Ext JS, so you’ll get the most accurate results from these tests. After you develop the HTML5 code, it’s easy to incorporate it with both Android and iOS platforms. Simply use a translation tool, such as PhoneGap, which we just discussed. The programming language versatility on Cocos2d is what makes it such a popular option for developers.

  • Coupled with this unified API and a unique IDE, developers can now write a single code base that supports multiple OS.
  • Simply use a translation tool, such as PhoneGap, which we just discussed.
  • Generally, sprint lasts in 2 weeks which will allow us to gradually demonstrate about the progress of the development.
  • There are a good number of third-party libraries, and packages that support React Native for developers to have a leading edge.

However, beyond sheer power, being able to run a single code base on several operating systems can be game-changing in many circumstances. I’d still recommend either Flutter or React Native for commercial products because their quality is close to that of native apps. They also offer many benefits and greater reliability compared to other cross-platform frameworks.

The difference being that some of the code is written using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and can be reused across multiple device platforms. Xamarin uses a single codebase that contributes in faster development of mobile apps across all platforms.