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Mastering Wpf Datagrid In A Day

The Binding property binds an object property with the column. The code snippet in Listing 29 binds the DataGridTextColumn with the Name property of the data source objects. In this article of the Mastering WPF DataGrid series, we saw some of the advanced DataGrid columns functionality. software development solutions The Remove and RemoveAt methods are used to remove columns from the DataGrid columns collections. The code listed in Listing 31 can be used to remove a column at run-time. In my last article, I demonstrated how to use some of the basic columns functionality.

In this Hour 6 part of Mastering WPF DataGrid in a Day series, I will cover some of the advanced functionality of DataGrid columns. A DataGrid provides a collapsed and expanded views of a row where users can not only see the details of a row but it can also be used to edit and update the row data. To create manual columns, wpf datagrid columns the AutoGenerateColumns property must be set to false. The Columns property represents all columns of the DataGrid. The Columns property is a collection and provides methods to add, update and delete columns from the collection. Frozen columns are columns that are always visible and cannot be scrolled out of visibility.

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Frozen columns are always the leftmost columns in display order. The code snippet in Listing 27 creates a DataGrid wpf datagrid columns with five columns. The next three columns are DataGridTextColumns and the last column is a DataGridCheckBoxColumn.

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The RowDetailsVisibilityMode has one of the three values, Visible, Collapsed and VisibleWhenSelected. The Visible value keeps the row details visible all the time. The Collapsed value keeps the row details collapsed all the time. And the VisibleWhenSelected hire React Native Developer value shows the row details when a row is selected. The FrozenColumnCount property sets the number of columns to be frozen in the DataGrid. But if you set the FrozenColumnCount value to 2, the leftmost 2 columns will be frozen.


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However, in most of the applications, we define columns, their types and bind to data source properties. The Add method is used to add a dynamic column to the collection. The code listed in Listing 30 creates a DataGridTextColumn, software development service sets it Binding and Header properties and adds the column to the DataGrid columns. The RowDetailsVisibilityMode property of the DataGrid is responsible for showing and hiding the row details.